Taixin AirTech Ltd. About Taixin

Taixin AirTech Ltd. established in 2003.

Lab, R&D, Manufacture, After Sale Service, OEM Services, SKD Parts Export, Base in Taipei, Taiwan

Team Overview:

-More Than 28Years of Expertise in HVAC

-R&D, Manufacturing for Air Conditioner, Industrial Cooling

-Ability to develop Hardware/Software for your customized Cooling or Heating

Our main products:

  • Split Air Conditioner (8,000~100,000 BTU/H)( 2.3~30KW/H)
    -Wall Mount/Floor Standing/Fan Coil
  • Industrial Air Conditioner
    - Cabinet Cooler( Air Conditioner from 4,000~12,000 BTU/H)(1.1 ~3.4 KW/H)
    - Computer Room Precision Cooling(10.4KW~14KW)
    - Rack Cooler (10,000~12,600 BTU/H)(2.3~3.0KW)
    - InRow Cooler (36,000 ~50,000 BTU/H)(10.4~14 KW)
    - Cooling Method- Air Cool/Water Cool
  • Dehumidifier (32L-65L/Day)
  • Grow Room Climate Control System
    - 8.0KW
    - 17.4KW
  • Control Unit
    - Taiwan Micro Processor Control Board
    - Siemens Industrial Programmable Controllers


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