Taixin AirTech Ltd. One Stop Shopping

We provide you one stop shopping for your assembly air conditioners services.

Taixin AirTech Ltd. established in 2003.

Lab, R&D, Manufacture, After Sale Service, OEM Services, Base in Taipei, Taiwan

Mother Company: Hong-Fu Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan Stamping Company, Split Air Conditioner Housing Factory(10,000~60,000 Btu/H)

Team Overview:

-More Than 28Years of Expertise in HVAC

-R&D, Manufacturing for Air Conditioner, Industrial Cooling

-Ability to develop Hardware/Software for your customized Cooling or Heating

-Whole Range of Split Air Conditioners Housings

Target Customer Demand:

-Assembly your own air conditioners

-Customized your special demand cooling, heating or climate control

-Grow Room Climate Control System

-Computer Room Cooling

-Industrial Cooling

-Split Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioner Assembly Demand:

Housing Design
Housing Manufacture
All Air Conditioner Parts
All Air Conditioner Parts
Assembly Line
Product packaging
Ready for shipping

Make your special Demand Cooling ,Heating or Controlling -Power by Siemens




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