Fan Coil

Quick Summary:

A. Develop our own control methodology based on over 28 years HVAC experiences

B. Brand Name: Taixin or OEM

C. Place of Origin: Taiwan

D. Use: Room, Commercial ,Server Room, Industrial

E. Power Source: Electrical

F. Power Type: AC 220V/ 50 or 60Hz

G. DC Fan / AC Fan with Control Available

H. Capability: From 10,000~ 60,000 BTU/H

Model #

TPK-25RE- (2,500 Kcal/H;10,000 BTU/H)

TPK-32RE- (3,150Kcal/H;12,600 BTU/H)

TPK-36RE- (3,550Kcal/H;14,200 BTU/H)

TPK-45RE- (4,500Kcal/H;18,000 BTU/H)

TPK-56RE- (5,600 Kcal/H;22,400BTU/H)

TPK-63RE- (6,300Kcal/H;25,200BTU/H)

TPK-75RE- (7,500Kcal/H;30,000BTU/H)

TPK-80RE- (8,000Kcal/H;32,000 BTU/H)

TPK-90RE- (9,000Kcal/H;36,000 BTU/H)

TPK-100RE- (10,000Kcal/H;40,000 BTU/H)

TPK-125RE- (12,500Kcal/H;50,000BTU/H)

Deatail Spec:


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