Precision Cooling

Quick Summary:

A. Develop our own control methodology based on over 28 years HVAC experiences

B. Implement Siemens industrial PLC and Touch Screen Interface

C. Integrate electronic expansion valve, water valve, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, DC or EC Fan and DC inverter compressors into precision cooling or constant temp. & Humidity control system.

D. Apply for server room temp. & humidity control, cultivation room constant temp. & humidity control

E. Integrate communication module, support Modbus RTU, VNC, Email Alarm

F. Heat Exchange: Air cool /Water heat exchange cool

G. Capacities: 9.3KW;10.4KW;11.6KW;14.5KW;17.4KW

H. More detail spec: please send

Our Products:

Server Room precision cooling

Server Room precision cooling

Norminal Capacity 10.4 KW (4.8KW~11.6KW)
Control Unit Siemens Industrial PLC
Human Interface 4.3” Touch Panel, Support VNC Connection
Data Storage Support Micro SD up to 16G for Temp. Event record
Fans DC Fans * 6 Pcs (Up to 3,000 CFM) according to heat load
External Temp. Sensors 2 External Sensors for upper and lower temp. transmition
Refrigrant System Protection Refrigrant High Pressure / Low Pressure Switches
Group Operation Management System Group Operation up to 4 InRow Systems. Support Scheduling, backup operation,temp. or event trigger operation
Communication Module Support Modbus RTU
Size H 2,025mm * W 300mm *D 1,000/1,200mm
Heat Exchange (Air Cool)
Compressor Mitsubishi DC Inverter Compressor
Expansion Valve Electronic Expansion Valve
Pressure Sensors 2 Pressure Transmitter
Fans DC Fans
Temp. Sensors 5 Temp. Sensors for monitoring and controlling
Size H 1,290mm * W 1,050mm *D 420 mm
Power 220V, 50/60 Hz


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